The power of human expression

One dream can change the world. A whisper can inspire hope. A touch can instill faith. One hundred thousand candles can end a war. Some voices can move a nation. Some can dissolve boundaries. One act of defaince can spark a revolution.

Saturday, 16 June, 2007

Home Sweet HOME

Home is the wallpaper

above the bed,

the family dinner table,

the church bells in the morning,

the bruised shins of the playground,

the small fears

that come with dusk,

the streets and squares

and monuments and shops

that constitute one's first universe.


Everything is sweetened by risk.


Children in a family are

like flowers in a bouquet:

there's always one determined

to face in an opposite direction

from the way the arranger desires.


Truth is the property of no individual

but is the treasure of all men.

True wisdom

The only true wisdom is

in knowing you know nothing.


The greatest gift you can give

another is the purity of your attention.


Leadership ....

the ability to see

what no one else sees,

to listen when others talk

and the ability to be optimistic

when others are pessimistic.